Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finished too early

I'm usually pretty good about following the rules for just about everything. I have to confess, however, that I didn't follow all of your rules. My scarf is finished too early.

I was really excited about this knit-a-long, and I tried to keep putting it down. BUT...every time something would happen I'd get it out to help me feel like I was doing something. Every time someone sent me an insulting email, I read a disturbing article, I overheard someone say something -or have them say it to my face- unkind...I'd knit. Every time there was a primary, or a speech I knit. Every time I felt hope and change were coming, I knit. It kept getting longer and longer.

Then one nite my husband says, "That's pretty cool. You'll look great wearing it on Inauguration Day when they swear in Obama. I'd like to have one." AHA!!!! So the first one is finished (I gave it to my husband for the idea) and I'm starting a second one for me.

I'm sorry for breaking the rules. I DID use all scrap yarn. I DID pick the snake pattern from the rules page. I DID knit with thought and purpose. AND I DID put my Obama sticker on the car this week, right next to the Alabama license plate!

Please forgive me.


Gretel said...

What a cool-looking scarf!

Tracitalynne said...

Lovely bonding moment, you and your man wearing Inauguration Day scarves together.

Great post, BTW. We appreciate your adherence to the rules. I myself tend to knit in chunks, every couple of weeks, though I tried to do just one row at a time at the beginning.

Living in a Liberal Oasis as I do, I applaud your Obama sticker on a car where it can make an impact and not just blend in with all the others.

Peggy said...

I like it

Tina said...

no worries about the rules! that's ultimately what this KAL's for right? to help get us through all of the crazy.

Riled said...

Thanks for posting! Now I'm inspired to get back to mine!