Tuesday, April 15, 2008

280 Days to go...

I was feeling a bit unhinged upset yesterday evening about the latest bickering going on between the democratic candidates. To distract myself I decided it was high time I caught up on this scarf. Here it is today, with one garter ridge for each of the 85 days since I began the project.
Lucy kindly offered to provide some scale in the photo. This scarf is nearing the half-way length of a normal scarf. I think I will end this scarf at the half-way point of the year (with 182.5 days left until Inauguration Day) and start another. My brain was in such a strange place last night I began to consider doing something that would challenge me for my second scarf. Maybe even (gulp) fair isle....

Monday, April 14, 2008

Noro Stripes

I knit a few rows on the bus from time to time...we're at the end of the first two skeins of Silk Garden. I'm loving the stripes.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Leftover Scarf

Hey y'all. (I'm learning to say that here in the South). I'm excited to be in this knit along...and I found out about it just in time to help save my sanity!

I started my scarf last week. I was going thru my stash and trying to find pleasing colors. I found lost treasures I'd forgotten about. I had several skeins in different colorways all set out on my bed when it hit me. This is supposed to be knit from scraps. It was a count down, DAYS LEFT scarf. I went back to the pictures of all of your works, and yep, I had to go to the leftovers basket. It's the Leftover scarf.

So I searched for every bit of small scrap of yarn I could find. I put a large pile on my bed and it looked chaotic, ugly, and not something I'd actually try to make into something...and I thought "What a metaphor for the last 8 years!"

A week later and I'm actually pleased and feeling like I'm protesting one stitch at a time.