Monday, April 7, 2008

Leftover Scarf

Hey y'all. (I'm learning to say that here in the South). I'm excited to be in this knit along...and I found out about it just in time to help save my sanity!

I started my scarf last week. I was going thru my stash and trying to find pleasing colors. I found lost treasures I'd forgotten about. I had several skeins in different colorways all set out on my bed when it hit me. This is supposed to be knit from scraps. It was a count down, DAYS LEFT scarf. I went back to the pictures of all of your works, and yep, I had to go to the leftovers basket. It's the Leftover scarf.

So I searched for every bit of small scrap of yarn I could find. I put a large pile on my bed and it looked chaotic, ugly, and not something I'd actually try to make into something...and I thought "What a metaphor for the last 8 years!"

A week later and I'm actually pleased and feeling like I'm protesting one stitch at a time.


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spoons said...

great post.
it has been an ugly 8 years.