Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thoughts and Ideas

I've been talking about this knit along with some people and a few thoughts and ideas have come up:

• Anyone could join at any point in the year - there really is no need to 'catch up' with the people who started with 365 days to go. Just cast on an knit a bit every day. Even if you're starting November 5th and are making the scarf to celebrate the inauguration of your candidate.

• You don't have to knit every day. You might choose only to knit on weekends or Mondays (if you're a Monday person - I'll be lucky if I remember to do mine on Mondays...).

• If you're doing lots of stripes and you don't want fringe, you might want to designate one day of the week as a weaving-in-ends day instead of a knitting day.

• Some of us, local to Northampton, MA, were talking about having a scrap swap later in the year. This is an idea if you're bored with your own scraps or they are of a limited color palette.

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spoons said...

Eleanor and I were just talking about suggesting a scrap swap! Fancy idea.

Have you posted about the scarf-along anywhere on Ravelry yet? I bet a few people might be interested in along-ing, too.