Monday, January 28, 2008

My Election Mobius

Man, the last two presidential elections have left me feeling beaten down.
I'll just come right out and admit that I voted for Nader/LaDuke in 2000. May I remind you that times were different- Nader was different- and I had enough optimism/ feelings of frustration with a two party political system to think that voting my convictions was a good idea. Um, sorry about that one...
Of course, the painful results of the 2000 election were made much, much worse by the events that followed in 2001.
2004 was unbelievable. Despite the fact that I agree strongly with the Douche vs Turd analogy drawn by South Park, http://http// I sucked it up and voted for the democratic ticket. Fat lot of good that did us all.
This year, despite a very healthy dose of cynicism, I could maybe see myself inching back towards a somewhat optimistic outlook when I think of some of the candidates vying for the democratic nomination... Ok, one of the candidates, but it's a start... Perhaps that's why I am making my Inauguration day scarf a giant mobius. When I need a little reeling in, it can remind me that, no matter how good things may seem, politics will always cycle back to the same place. Of course, my husband points out, when I'm feeling down, it can symbolize no more Bush forever.

My plan is to finish a round every other week-ish. Right now I'm using yarn from the stash under my bed. I have no idea exactly how long or wide it will turn out to be so it could potentially turn out to be a huge chaotic mess. ...Actually, that's exactly how I feel about election years.

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